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With Power IT,  you can leverage our established and well reviewed seller accounts in 15+ marketplace channels, or hire our experts to operate your company’s seller accounts. 

Marketplace Account Management

Marketplace Power IT handles all daily and ongoing tasks in client seller accounts or listings hosted through our own branded storefronts.

Listing Creation / Local Marketplace Syndication

We have created over 200 listings to date. We have the staff and processes to create listings at scale and get those listings “live” on over 5+ local marketplaces quickly.

Content Optimization

Power IT has generated over 100k orders. We know what it takes to get a listing ranked and converting. Our in house team determines optimal keywords and copy.

Brand Protection

Power IT will monitor and protect your brand across multiple marketplaces for fraud, counterfeit, IP violations, unauthorized sellers, trademark violators, and infringers.

Shopee/Lazada Advertising Optimization

We use powerful machine learning bid management software to maximize ROI for our brand partners advertising budgets. Mix efficient spend with expert strategy, and your campaigns are guaranteed to produce results.

Product Reviews

Our team uses popular product review solicitation software to repeatedly follow up on customer orders asking for product reviews.